Embedder v0.3 Posted

Another day, another version. 🙂

Version 0.3 adds support for default values for embed attributes, adding to the flexibility of embeds since now you don’t have have to set values for all the attributes you define.

For example, if you create an embed called big to set text to a large font, you can set a default value which you can override only when you need to.

To give an attribute a default value, simply insert =<value> after the name of the attribute:

<span style="font-size:%size=20%pt">%content%</span>

Now when you use the embed without setting size the font-size will be set to 20 by default, but you can set it to a different size whenever you need to just by defining the size attribute when you use the embed.

Default usage:

[big]Some content[/big]

Override the size:

[big size=30]Some more content[/big]
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Coming Soon… Default Values for Embed Attributes

After a mighty tussle with regular expressions (it’s always a mighty tussle with those dratted things) I have completed adding support for default values for embed attributes. That means you can create embeds that have optional attributes (or parameters, if you want to call them that).

Normally, if you forget to specify a value for an attribute when you use an embed, then it just doesn’t work, usually with ugly results. But if you give your attributes defaults, then you don’t have to set all the attribute values for an embed every time you use it.

I am putting together several examples of how to use default attribute values that I will post in the Embedder section of the web site once I have uploaded the new version of the plugin, which should be sometime this weekend, I hope.

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Embedder v0.2 Published

I have just published version 0.2 of the Embedder Plugin.

This version adds support for nested embeds (it was inadvertently missing before), and includes a nice little workaround to the problems with nesting WordPress shortcodes.

I will be updating the documentation shortly to show how nesting works and why the plugin needs a workaround in the first place (if you have ever tried nesting shortcodes you will know why).

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Welcome to moztools

Welcome to moztools.com.

We’re just getting underway, so things will be a little sparse for the time being while I get the first two or three projects set up and running.

First off we have the WordPress Embedder Plugin, for embedding anything and everything (well, text and HTML snippets anyway) into your blog posts and pages. If you ever get fed up of cutting and pasting random snippets of HTML from other websites into your posts, then this is the plugin for you.

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