Quick Start – Local Embeds

The easiest way to embed HTML into a post is to create a local embed:

  1. Edit your post (or page), scroll down to the Custom Field section, and add a new custom field, using square brackets (e.g. [smiley]) to identify the custom field as an embed:
    Screen shot of Smiley Face Custom Field
  2. Now all you have to do is use the embed in your post:
    Using the Smiley Face embed
  3. Click the Preview button to view the results:
    The Smiley embed in action

You can add as many embeds to a post as you need, just add more custom fields. Just enclose the name (which should not have any spaces in it) in square brackets and it will be recognized as an embed.

If you want to use an embed in more than one post or page, or in a sidebar widget, you need to create a global embed.

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