Embedder v0.3 Posted

Another day, another version. 🙂

Version 0.3 adds support for default values for embed attributes, adding to the flexibility of embeds since now you don’t have have to set values for all the attributes you define.

For example, if you create an embed called big to set text to a large font, you can set a default value which you can override only when you need to.

To give an attribute a default value, simply insert =<value> after the name of the attribute:

<span style="font-size:%size=20%pt">%content%</span>

Now when you use the embed without setting size the font-size will be set to 20 by default, but you can set it to a different size whenever you need to just by defining the size attribute when you use the embed.

Default usage:

[big]Some content[/big]

Override the size:

[big size=30]Some more content[/big]
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  1. moztools says:

    Testing embeds in comments — that would be cool, no?

    Of course, you may have notice that the title has an embed too 🙂

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