Embedder version 1.1 Released

Well, it wasn’t my intention to put out another version of the Embedder plugin so soon after the last one, but I discovered that the tag the plugin places in front of all the exports (embed) clashes with the built-it embed shortcode, which doesn’t work well if you’re trying to paste an exported embed into a blog page (it strips the start tag out!!).

Before people started exporting anything, I thought it wise to update the plugin and use a less commonplace tag (it’s now emb_export). I could have removed the square-brackets as well, just to be sure, but I don’t think that it will be an issue going forward.

So please, if you have installed version 1.0, you should upgrade immediately to version 1.1.

Apologies to the handful of you who might have already exported an embed or two. You will either have to edit those exports (the begin and end tag) before you can use them in the future, or just export them again after you have upgraded to version 1.1.

I have made a couple of other small changes — the plugin now shows the empty groups you have (usually just “Default”) even if you haven’t created any embeds yet, which should be less confusing to new users, and I have added an edit settings link to the embed names in the table.

Finally, I have fixed the contextual help panels (though I suspect most people won’t need them).

Let me know if you find any other bugs by posting a message on the Support Forum.

UPDATE: Importing and exporting work fine, but I’ve been playing with the best way to include exported embeds in a web page, and it’s not as easy as it looks. WordPress fiddles with things like quotes and dashes, and when you try to import an export that’s been published on a web page, you will find that it doesn’t work because of WordPress’s interference.

I am working on making the importing code smarter, so that it can reverse the things WordPress might have done to it, but in the meantime, if you want to publish your embeds for others to use, I would recommend that you put them in a file and attach it to your post. Not ideal, but it will guarantee that importing will work correctly.

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