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Author Topic: Menu Sidebar Not Working 3 comments / 9841 views

I just downloaded Twenty Eleven, but am not a programming geek and don’t understand how to show the side bar menu with pages and my other links. I did not want a 1 column template and the description of this template sounded like something I would like to build on. Can I change the text background also? With my products being white, they just wash out. I probably will change the template in Word Press but wondered why this wasn’t as simple as it sounded?


Hi Nancy. If you install this plugin, and the Twenty Eleven theme, just go to the “Theme Extensions” page in the Appearance section of the admin section for your site, and select “Enable the widget sidebar on pages” and “Enable the widget sidebar on single-post pages” (and click the Save Changes button). That will put the sidebar on all your pages.

As for changing the color of the text background, the only option the theme gives you is to select the “Dark” option on the “Theme Options” page — that will give you white text on a black background. If you want to do anything else to the colors, you will have to change the CSS yourself as Twenty Eleven doesn’t provide any other options (except for the link color).

With my Theme Extensions plugin, you can select the “Custom CSS” option and add the following CSS to change the text’s background color:

#page {
	background: yellow;

This will change the background of the page to yellow (just use the color you want). You can add other CSS here too, to change other colors and styles, but you will have to look at the Twenty Eleven’s stylesheet (styles.css) to see what you need to change. Also, if you are changing a lot, then you should look into creating a child theme — just Google child theme and Twenty Eleven and you will find more information on how to do that.

Good luck,


Thank you I will give this a try.

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