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I just embedded the html for a flash presentation into my site, but it does not appear in the page. What is really weird is that when scrolling down the page, I can see a narrow strip of the graphic that I want to show up in there. As someone without enough knowledge of flash or javascripts to find the problem myself, I was wondering if anyone has seen this before of may offer a solution?

Here is the link to the page: http://onesolarroof.com/1-test-mass-cec-interactive-map/?preview=true
And here is the location of the map I’m trying to imbed: http://www.masscec.com/index.cfm/page/Massachusetts-Clean-Energy-Installations/cdid/12048/pid/11163 (MassCEC is a public org that I work with, I have permission to use the map)

I’ve tried using different sections of the HTML from the source page, so currently it has a lot of ugly broken image links etc that I can remove later. For now I’m just trying to get the map.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I’m still learning, and unfortunately this one has me stumped.

Joe B

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