Embedder version 1.2 Published

With Thanksgiving and piles of turkey safely tucked away, time for a new version of Embedder.

This update was prompted by the fact that someone noticed that Unicode characters (i.e. for languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic) were not working when you tried to put them in an embed.

Version 1.2 fixes that problem, and now you can use any characters you like (in the UTF-8 character set) in an embed. You can also use them in the an embed’s description too, though not in the name of an embed or group.

Also in this version, you can wrap your embeds with individual CSS styles (as if you were using the HTML style attribute). This increases the usefulness of wrapping embeds, and makes it easier too, since you do not have to create new style classes in your CSS style sheet.

To add wrap an existing embed with CSS styles, simply edit the embed’s settings. select the Wrap Embed option, and enter one or more styles into the CSS Style(s) input field.

Note, you can replace the CSS style values with embed attributes, and then you will be able to specify those values each time you use the embed in your blog.

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