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great features but couldnt handle language like chinese. when there are chinese characters the value can not be saved properly.

sniplets handles well which is what I have to use now.


Hi Phil, thanks for your comment.

I hadn’t heard of the Sniplets plugin before even though I tried to check for similar plugins before I published mine (I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel). There is certainly a fair bit of overlap, though I guess Embedder now has enough unique features to differentiate it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t spent any time looking into I18N for Embedder yet, but now that the code is reasonably stable and has most of the features I was planning to add, it’s probably a good time to do that.

Sniplets gives me a good place to start—not to steal code from them, of course, but to see what I am doing differently, Hopefully it may be just a case of making sure I am using all the right multi-byte PHP string functions when processing the embed values.

I’ll check into it over the next few days.


UPDATE: Actually, after a quick look, I can see that the database configuration I am using doesn’t support unicode, which is likely the main problem (there may be others, of course). It looks as though I should be able to fix that pretty easily. What would really help is if you could test the next version of Embedder when it comes out and let me know if that solves the problem, Mike


Well, it was a combination of the database configuration and not specifying the UTF-8 charset when converting the HTML in the value to entities.

The good news is that I can add Chinese characters to an embed and get them to display correctly in a post (not that I know what they say!).

I’ll have to take a look at import/export too, to make sure that will work, but I don’t think you will have to wait too long for an I18N-capable version of Embedder. 🙂



Hi Mike, glad to know that you are working on it. I am going to test the new release now 🙂


Problem solved,Cheers!

BTW, an easy access box on the post writing page will be a hug advantage over sniplet which has a very simple box and a botton on the editing page.

What Affiliate Link implemented is a good reference which I dont know why dispear in the wp plugin catlog but you can find it here http://svn.wp-plugins.org/affiliate-link1/trunk/


sorry for the misspelling of huge button catalog …


I’m not sure exactly what you mean. If you could explain a little further, that would help. I don’t really want to have to install other plugins at the moment.



If you have installed snaplet, you will find a little box below the post edit area like custom fields box which help people insert shortcode quickly.

To make things better, I suggest embedder offers a similar box with a dropdown list where we can select from available shortcodes and insert one to the editor easyly.

To make things easier, you can add a quick-add field set so we can add shortcode and edit post on the same page!

I think what I suggested wouldnt take much time compare to what you have done.

Best regards,



Thanks for the explanation. It’s an interesting idea, and can see that it would be very useful. I’ll bear it in mind, but as always when writing free code, I can’t promise anything 🙂


I have switch to embedder now and looking forward to some user-friendly improvement. Thanks anyway!

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