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Author Topic: Bug? - Embedder doesn't work with "Hackadelic Sliding Notes" 14 comments / 15057 views

Thanks, Rumli. I’m glad it works. I might have to add something like a compatibility mode option, one where Embedder doesn’t mess with the priority of the filters.

And thank you for your kind offer of a donation. I haven’t gotten anything set up yet, so don’t worry about it right now. I will set something up over the next two or three weeks, and if you happen to remember to donate after that, that’s great otherwise, no worries.



I’m looking forward to your new releases of this excellent plugin and I really think you deserve more attention on wordpress because I tested some others (more popular ones) and think that yours is the best!

Yes, a compatible option is probably needed but for now a small note on the installations notes or whatever would be enough I think.


You’re too kind! It does take time to build a reputation, but I believe the better plugins usually get noticed in the end – the number of daily downloads usually picks up after each release as more and more functionality is added.

I was hoping to get the next version out before Christmas — one that adds a metabox to the edit post/page pages containing buttons for inserting your embeds into the editor, but with all the differences between the various browsers, it’s proved to be more difficult to get right than I thought. It should be a nice addition when it’s done.

I’ve also been working on a plugin to turn any comment thread into a forum (Instant Forums — you’re looking at it now, it case you didn’t notice! 🙂 ) I suspect that one will take off faster than Embedder, because it’s cool feature you can instantly enhance your blog with (hence the name). It’s especially useful for low traffic, single issue support forums like this one, which is why I created it in the first place. I’ve tried supporting code before on regular blog comment threads and it becomes a real pain after a while.



Hi Mike,

It’s me again. A half year has passed now and I just want to let you know that I’m still succesfully using your great plugin. Please don’t stop creating new features… Embedder is still loved by thousands! 🙂


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