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Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions Plugin Support Forum » New Admin Page Does Not Show "Extension"
Author Topic: New Admin Page Does Not Show "Extension" 3 comments / 10023 views

Installed plugin today. Appearance drop down unchanged. Deactivated plugin and reinstalled, same result. Does this mean plugin is not functioning? How do I correct.

Second question – How can theme extension be used to correct problem of title tag not revealed in browser? This a persistent problem I cannot seem to overcome.

Second problem solved. It tuned out I did not have tag. One down, one to go. Look forward hearing from somebody, thanks.


Hi Toni,

You need to make sure that the current theme’s title (in styles.css) has the words “Twenty Eleven” in it, so if you are using a child theme of Twenty Eleven, but you renamed it to something completely different, then the Theme Extensions menu item will not appear.

Also, the menu item only appears inside the Admin section of the site, and not in the admin menu bar that appears at the top of your home page when you are logged in.

I haven’t heard of anyone else having a problem, so I’m not sure what else it could be if it’s not one of those two things.

I hope that helps,


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