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Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions Plugin Support Forum » Compatibility with internet explorer
Author Topic: Compatibility with internet explorer 13 comments / 21008 views

I have just installed the plugin; it went perfectly on chrome and mozilla, but when i tried on internet explorer, the header and the left sidebar had disappeared.
Did someone encounter the same issue? Maybe I did something wrong…
Best regards


Hey Eric, you’re the first to mention it.

Which version of IE are you using, and which of the options did you set in the plugin?

I’ll take a look, but I may need more details of your configuration to narrow down the problem, since all the various versions of Internet Explorer can behave quite differently.



Okay — I don’t have IE6 installed, so I can’t test that version easily (and I believe WordPress has dropped support for IE6 anyway, so I am not inclined to try), IE8 and IE9 seem to be working fine as far as I can see, but IE7 does appear to have a problem when the sidebar is mostly pushed down to the bottom of the screen (leaving a big gap where it should be) although as you size the browser width narrower, sometimes it does pop up into the correct place (you see it flickering on occasionally).

I believe this probably caused by the way IE7 rounds up/down some of the widths used in the CSS for the sidebar and the main content, which is different from other browsers, so hopefully I should be able to tweak the values a little to make them more reliable on IE7. But I can’t see any problem on IE7/8/9 with the header, so I will need more information about which options you are using, and what exactly you are seeing (do you have a URL I can look at?).

I’ll play with the plugin code to see if I can fix the sidebar issue on IE7, but that’s all I can do at the moment without more information.



Whoops — I managed to miss the fact that you were using a left sidebar, and when I switched to that, I found a problem with the “Widget Titles” option. If you turn that on with the left sidebar option, the content is pushed over to the right, which is ugly.

I have a fix ready for that — I needed to adjust more of the theme’s CSS settings, but I still don’t see any disappearing headers or sidebars.

One thing you should know is that if you make the page narrow enough, the sidebar is moved down below the content — but that happens without my plugin active too, so that doesn’t sound like the problem you have.

I’ll wait until tomorrow to give you time to respond with more information before i update the plugin.

Look forward to hearing from you.



I enabled the widget sidebar on single post pages and I centered the navigation links. I also left aligned the navigation widget titles.
It seems to be on IE9 (it is not on my mac, but on a friend’s PC): When I am loading the home page it is ok, then i am loading an article: the page seems to be loading correctly at the beginning, the right sidebar is here… and then, the header and the sidebar disappear.
My website is
I let the plugin activated so that you can see what happens. I will deactivate it tonight…
Thank you very much,


Hi Eric, thanks for setting up the page to show the problem. I’ve taken a look, and I don’t believe the problem is caused by my plugin. The first clue is that the banner shows up for a while until the page is loaded, and then disappears. That would suggest the problem is some Javascript code that’s being loaded, and then executed once the page is fully loaded. The options you have set for my plugin do not load any Javascript — it just changes the CSS styles, and any problems you would see would happen immediately — you would never see the header at all.

When I turned on the IE9 debugger, I saw that the page loads a lot of different bits of JavaScript, so it’s impossible to tell where the problem is, but if you watch what the page loading, when the header disappears, it looks as though it’s disappearing when either the LinkedIn button or the Facebook share button is being loaded, so what I would do is turn off the plugins that load those buttons and see if that fixes the problem of the disappearing header. (My guess is that one of those plugins is hiding a image, and is accidentally hiding the header image too, as an unexpected side effect.)

Also, I keep getting JQuery errors when your page is loaded sometimes. I don’t think it’s causing the problem you are seeing with the header and sidebar going missing, but it might be causing other problems. Again, I only saw that on IE9, not Firefox.

So, to sum up, I don’t believe my plugin is the problem here. Something in one of the Javascript snippets that is loaded by the page is hiding the header image and the sidebar (their CSS styles have “display:none” in them, which hides them). There is nothing in my plugin that would do that — or can do that. (You can try disabling my plugin and see if the problem goes away — I honestly can’t think of any reason why it would since my plugin doesn’t load any Javascript and just changes a few CSS styles a little bit.)

Anyway, let me know how you get on. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but there is just so much Javascript code on the page (and most of it is compressed and impossible to read) that I can’t tell which bit of code or which plugin is causing the problem.)




Thank you for your feedback!
I tried 3 options:
1) the twenty eleven extension deactivated and the share plugin activated: it worked on IE
2) the twenty eleven extension activated and the share plugin deactivated: it worked on IE
3) I activated both: it did not work

So I guess I have to choose between the twenty eleven extension and the share plugin… as I am not a developer




Hmm. What is the name of the share plugin you are using? If I can install it on my test system, then I might be able to figure out what’s happening. I don’t understand how my plugin interferes with the other one since my plugin is very simple — it just adds one style class to the “body” element and tweaks a few CSS styles–but I guess that must be what’s happening.

You might be able to turn off one of the options in my plugin and get both plugins to work together — try turning off the left-alignment of widget titles, which is only a small thing anyway.

You could also mention the problem to the other plugin’s developer since they will be in a better position to debug the Javascript code that’s hiding the header and sidebar for some reason.

(I just updated the plugin to 1.1.1, but that was to fix the other problems I found while debugging yours, so it will probably not fix the problem you are having.)



Okay — looks like a bug in the javascript from (they own the code) which is embedded by the Sharing plugin you are using. I found this forum post on LinkedIn’s developer site:

And the last comment on that page is correct — if you have too many LinkedIn buttons on one page, it completely messes up the page’s CSS styles. It’s a very strange bug, and I have no idea what’s happening, but whatever it is, IE9 is getting very confused!

The good news is that I think you can avoid this problem quite easily and still use both plugins:

The first way is to turn off the social media buttons on your home page — just include them on the single-post page for a post. I actually think all those buttons on every post makes the home page look messy, and it also takes the page longer to load, because it has to load the javascript from five different web sites, and sometimes you can see how it can take a few seconds for a button to appear. You may not have noticed, but on this site, I only display the social media buttons on the individual pages, and not the home page.

But if you still want those buttons on the home page, the other thing you can do is reduce the number of posts displayed on your home page — that reduces the number of buttons displayed, which solves the problem. Just go to Settings >> Reading and reduce the number of “Blog pages show at most” from 10 to 9 or maybe 8. That should fix the problem for you too.

Anyway, I’m glad you reported the problem because I managed to find another couple of bugs in my code which I have fixed. Hopefully you will be able to use one of these workarounds and continue to use my plugin. (And if you don’t use one of the workarounds, you are probably going to have the same problem with other plugins that do the same as mine — which is a very common thing to do.)

Good luck,



Thanks for your detailed feedback.
I am gonna try these workarounds.
In case you need it, here is the plugin I am using:


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