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No probs. Just as a teaser, I’ve been tinkering with using an alternative to the built-in shortcode parser so that embeds can avoid the two WordPress shortcode limitations altogether — i.e. the problems with nested shortcodes and putting one shortcode directly next to another.

Performance will take a bit of a hit (it will have to use a full parser instead of the limited, but fast, regular expressions WordPress uses today) but I suspect most people won’t notice the difference, and it will make embeds a lot more reliable because users will not keep tripping over those two problems all the time.

Anyway, watch this space 🙂


cool, if embedder shortcode can be nested in shortcode provided by other plugin that would be great!


Well, actually, Embedder shortcodes can already be nested in shortcodes provided by other plugins — if the other plugins remember recursively call “do_shortcode” on the contents between their tags (which I guess some might not do).

But yeah, one of the side-effects of the new parser will be that Embedder shortcodes will always be processed, no matter where they are, because they will be using a completely separate mechanism.


Glad to know that. If you can let the user choose which mechanism they want to use it will be a very user-friendly option.

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